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Flowcamper’s Frieda Volt is a hand-crafted option for those who appreciate quality and don’t want to wait for a mass-produced EV camper | Photo source Flowcamper

An all-electric camper van for sustainable and stylish camping

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The new all-electric camper van conversion hopes to bring sustainability and zero-emissions to the world of RV camping

Spotted: Thus far, all-electric camper vans have largely been limited to concept vehicles and individual conversion. While Volkswagen (VW) has designed an electric vehicle (EV) camper—the ID Buzz—it will not be going on sale until 2023-2024. In the meantime, German conversion specialist Flowcamper has partnered with Naext Automotive GmbH to turn VW Transporters into the all-electric Frieda Volt. 

To create the Frieda Volt, Flowcamper begins with a used Transporter 5 or 6, preferably one with a damaged engine. The company removes the engine, transmission, exhaust, and other parts related to the internal combustion engine (ICE) and installs a 72-kilowatt-hour nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) lithium-ion battery pack. Electric drive hardware is installed in the emptied engine compartment, with drive power coming from a 110-kilowatt-hour (148-horsepower) electric motor. Any worn parts are then replaced with new VW parts and reupholstering.

In the interior, Flowcamper uses largely sustainable materials, such as wood, cork, and apple leather. There is a stacked-box kitchen behind the driver’s seat, a fold-down bench that converts to a bed, and an optional pop-up roof. There is also a swivel table, optional rear cargo storage boxes that function as a tailgate galley and fold-down worktops. The kitchen sprayer doubles as an outdoor shower and a dry toilet concealed by a wood top and fabric case.

Flowcamper’s Frieda Volt is designed not only for those looking to live the van life, but who also appreciate quality craftsmanship and the timeless quality of VW vans. According to the company, the Frieda is “Handcrafted with love and dedication in small series, each vehicle is unique, which differs from the consumer-driven, soulless mishmash and makes our everyday life as well as our free time more personal, harmonious and cooler.”

As EV cars become more mainstream, there is also increasing demand for EV versions of other types of vehicles – motorcycles, vans, RVs, 4x4s, and more. Springwise is spotting a wide range of innovations in this space, including solar-powered tuk-tuks, electric tundra buggies, and EV mass transit

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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