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Raus either leases the space directly, or provides a share of the revenue to landowners | Photo source Raus/Noel Richter

A platform for immersive, nature-based holidays

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A German startup helps city-dwellers get away from it all in sustainable cabins on unused land

Spotted: In recent years, a decreasing number of people have been choosing to spend their holidays in hotels, with the popularity of Airbnb skyrocketing – resulting in a company value of $113 billion (approximately €107.3 billion) worldwide. And the pandemic only boosted Airbnb’s revenue, with bookings increasing 55 per cent in 2021. Startup Raus has put a nature-based spin on the traditional Airbnb stay with its sustainable cabins, situated in outdoor areas easily accessible from major German cities.

Each of Raus’ custom-designed cabin ‘gateways’ is completely self-contained and equipped with cooking facilities and tools, water from tanks, and solar power. Most of the cabins are off-grid but are also fully insulated and include wood stoves – making them bookable year-round. The entire experience, from booking to handover, is handled digitally, so there is a minimum amount of fuss and paperwork.

The cabins are located in a variety of peaceful countryside locations, all within an easy train or car ride from cities such as Berlin and Leipzig. Their proximity to cities is intentional – Raus hopes to inspire people to make frequent, spontaneous getaways to the country.

The business was inspired by the founders’ desire to promote a more balanced lifestyle and foster a greater appreciation of the benefits of nature – clean air, quiet, space, and time to relax. Julian Trautwein, Raus co-founder, explains that “We live in an always-on, always-available world and sometimes we simply need to escape… [At Raus,] we make breaks from everyday life seamlessly bookable whenever you need them. A regular refuge from urbanity.”

Recently, Raus has raised €3 million in a round led by 10X Founders, and including contributions from Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk, Speedinvest, and NFQ Capital.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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